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Kingdom Protista Haeckel 1866, protists, or protista


Phylum Foraminifera d'Orbigny 1826

Authors: Е М. Майер, С.А. Корсун

Marine, benthic species

Class Astrorhizata Saidova 1981

Class Spirillinata Maslakova 1990

Class Miliolata Saidova 1981

Class Nodosariata Mikhalevich 1992

Class Rotaliata Mikhalevich 1980

Phylum Nucleariomorpha Mikrjukov 2000

Phylum Sarcomonada Cavalier-Smith 1993

Class Cercomonadea Mikrjukov 2000

Phylum Ochrophyta Cavalier-Smith 1995

Class Silicophycea Rothmaler 1951

Phylum Centroheliozoa Dürrschmidt & Patterson 1987

Class Centrohelea Cavalier-Smith 1993

Phylum Rhizopoda Siebold 1845

Author: А.А. Бобров

Soil samples collected by А.А. Рахлеева.

Soil samples were collected on the Lapshaginskaya Bay coast (a part of the Nilma Bay) - in 9 km south-east of the WSBS. Near the village of the Chernaya River. The studied soil samples were from the following vegetation communities: pine forest with bilberry, сrowberry and lichen; pine and spruce with bilberry, cowberry, Ledum, and green moss; spruce with rare pines, with peat moss, long moss; pine with peat moss and cloudberry; and mesotrophic sphagnum bog.

Class Lobosea Carpenter 1861

Subclass Testacealobosia de Saedeleer 1934

Class Filosea Leidy 1879

Subclass Testaceafilosia de Saedeleer 1934

Phylum Ciliophora Doflein 1901, ciliates

Author: И.В. Бурковский

The list includes 279 species of free-moving ciliates that live in soil and water (including 15 freshwater species, often penetrating to desalinate littoral (in corner bay areas) and tolerant to long-term salinity up to 12-16 ‰. The areas of species registration: the Velikaya Salma, the Rugozerskaya bay, the Kislaya inlet, and the Chernorechanskaya bay. The list does not include free-living ciliate species living on natural or artificial substrates (Peritricha and Suctoria), commensal species (Chonotrichia), symbiotic and parasitic species that require special review and revision. The list is based on the own data of I.V. Burkovskiy, partially published (Burkovskiy, 1970; Burkovskiy and others, 1974).

Class Kinetofragminophorea de Puytorac et al. 1974

Subclass Gymnostomatia Bütschli 1889

Subclass Vestibulifera de Puytorac et al. 1974

Superorder Phillopharyngidea de Puyterac et al. 1974

Class Oligohymenophorea de Puytorac et al. 1974

Subclass Hymenostomatia Delage et Herouard 1896

Class Polyhymenophorea Jankowski 1967

Subclass Spirotrichia Bütschli 1889

Phylum Apicomplexa Levine 1970

Class Gregarinomorpha Dufour 1828, gregarines

Author: Т. Г. Симдянов

Marine parasitic forms

Class COCCIDEA LEUCKART 1879, coccidia

Author: В.Н. Калякин

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