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Catalogue of Biota of the MSU White Sea Biological Station. Editors E. D. Krasnova, A. V. Tchesunov, N. M. Kaljakina, E. N. Bubnova.

The catalogue includes more than 6000 species of organisms from bacteria to mammals, registered at the White Sea Biological Station of the Moscow State University, located near the Arctic Circle, on the shore of the Kandalaksha Bay, the White Sea. The catalogue includes both free-living and parasitic species, from marine, land and freshwater habitats registered on the area of ​​approximately 40 km2.

It lists 46 species of prokaryotic organisms (besides the blue-green algae), 462 species of non photosynthetic protists, 816 species of fungi and fungus-like organisms, 1517 species of algae (including the blue-green algae), 168 species of lichens, 650 species of higher plants from liverworts to flowering plants; 2349 species of multicellular organisms (including 823 species of insects, and 230 species of vertebrates).

The MSU WSBS vicinity is a typical habitat for 101 species, described here as new to science. The catalogue is based on data provided by 69 expert taxonomists. For many taxons, it specifies exact locations, specific habitats, occurrence, and hosts.

The lists of species are based on published and own unpublished data of many experts. The references include 238 sources. The catalogue reflects the local biodiversity of one of the most thoroughly studied sites of the White Sea shore, and of the northern Russia. At the same time, it shows the level of knowledge of different groups of organisms in this region.

The catalogue can be used as a reference for ecologists, zoologists, botanists, protistologists, biodiversity specialists, as well as for university professors and students.