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rus:Eubacteria Species of prokaryotic organisms (except cyanobacteria) are given according to the system given in:

1) Bergey’s Manual of Systematic bacteriology // D. R. Boone, R. W. Castenholz (eds) v.1; Springer-Verlag. 2nd ed. 2001;

2) Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology // D. J. Brenner, N. R. Krieg, J.T. Staley (eds) v.2. part A; Springer-Verlag. 2nd ed. 2005.

В. М. Горленко, Г. А. Дубинина, Л. М. Захарчук, Н. Ю. Татаринова

Bacteria were extracted from soil samples of the Kindo Peninsula, the freshened areas of the Great Salma, and from algo-bacterial mats of supralittoral sea coast areas, exposed to freshening by continental runoff and to salinity at high tides.

Phylum Proteobacteria Garrity, Bell & Lilburn 2005

Class Alfaproteobacteria Garrity, Bell & Lilburn 2005

Class Betaproteobacteria Garrity, Bell & Lilburn 2005

Class Gammaproteobacteria Garrity, Bell & Lilburn 2005

Phylum Chlorobi Garrity & Holt 2001

Class Chlorobia Garrity & Holt 2001

Phylum Chloroflexi Imhoff 2001

Class Chloroflexi Imhoff 2001

Phylum Firmicutes Garrity & Holt 2001

Class Bacilli Ludwig & Klenk 2001

Phylum Actinobacteria Brown et al. 2005

Class Actinobacteria Stackebrandt et al.1997

Phylum Bacteroidetes Garrity & Holt 2001

Class Flavobacteria Garrity & Holt 2001


Authors: Е.А. Кузнецов, К.Л. Тарасов

Phylum Cyanophyta (Cyanobacteria), blue-green algae

Class Cyanophyceae