Eukaryotic Algae

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Authors: Е.А. Кузнецов, К.Л. Тарасов

Phylum Dinophyta - dinoflagellates

Class Dinophyceae

Phylum Euglenophyta (Euglenozoa) - euglenoids

Class Euglenophyceae

Phylum Cryptophyta

Class Cryptophyceae

Phylum Haptophyta (=Prymnesiophyta)

Class Pavlovophyceae

Class Prymnesiophyceae

Phylum Oсhrophyta

Class Eustigmatophyceae

Class Chrysophyceae - golden algae

Class Synurophyceae

Class Pelagophyceae

Class Dictyochophyceae

Class Bacillariophyceae – diatoms

Orders, traditionally treated as centric diatoms

Orders, traditionally treated as pennate diatoms

Class Phaeothamniophyceae

Class Xanthophyceae

Class Phaeophyceae, or brown algae

Phylum Glaucophyta - glaucophytes, glaucocystophytes, or glaucocystids

Class Glaucophyceae

Phylum Rhodophyta, or red algae

Class Rhodellophyceae

Class Compsogonophyceae

Class Bangiophyceae

Class Stilonematophyceae

Class Florideophyceae (Rhodymeniophyceae)

Phylum Chlorophyta, green algae, chlorophytes

Class Prasinophyceae

Class Ulvophyceae

Class Bryopsidophyceae

Class Trebouxiophyceae

Class Chlorophyceae

Class Nephroselmidophyceae

Class Pedinophyceae

Class Pleurastrophyceae

Phylum Charophyta, stoneworts

Class Mesostigmatophyceae

Class Klebsormidiophyceae

Class Zygnematophyceae

rus: Эукариотные водоросли