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Kingdom FUNGI

Authors: Кузнецов Е.А., Тарасов К.Л.

Division Blastocladiomycota

Class Blastocladiomycetes

Division Chytridiomycota

Class Chytridiomycetes

Class Monoblepharidiomycetes

Division Zygomycota, zygote fungi

Division Ascomycota, sac fungi

Class Dothideomycetes

Class Eurotiomycetes

Class Leotiomycetes

Class Pezizomycetes

Class Sordariomycetes

Class Taphrinomycetes

Division Basidiomycota

Class Ustilaginomycetes

Class Urediniomycetes

Class Tremellomycetes

Class Agaricomycetes


Incertae sedis in kingdom FUNGI

rus: Fungi