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Phylum Porifera Grant 1926, sponges

Author: А. С. Плоткин

Marine, sublittoral

Class Calcarea Bowerbank 1864, calcareous sponges

Class Demospongiae Sollas 1884, demosponge

Phylum Cnidaria Hatschek 1888, cnidarians

all marine

Authors: N. N. Marfenin, I. A. Kosevich, N. M. Pertsova, Пятаева С. В.

Class Anthozoa Ehrenberg 1834, corals

Class Scyphozoa Götte 1887

Class Staurozoa Marques & Collins 2004

Class Hydrozoa Owen 1843, hydrozoans

Phylum Ctenophora Eschscholtz 1829, comb jellies

all marine

Author: Н.М. Перцова

Class Tentaculata Eschscholtz 1825

Class Nuda Chun 1879

Phylum Platyhelminthes Minot 1876, flatworms

Class Trematoda Rudolphi 1808, trematodas, flukes

Author: E.D. Valter

Class Monogenoidea Bychowsky 1937, monogeneans

Author: L.A.Gichenok

Class Cestoda Rudolphi 1808, tapeworms

Author: E.D. Valter

Phylum Nemertea Quatrefages 1846, nemertini

all marine

Author: Maslakova S.A.

Class Anopla Schultze 1853

Class Enopla Schultze 1851

Phylum Entoprocta Nitsche 1870, entoprocts

Authors: E.M. Krylova, A.V. Tchesunov

Phylum Annelida de Lamarck 1802, ringed worms

Class Рolychaeta Grube 1850, bristle worms

Authors: A.B. Tzetlin, A.E. Zhadan

All marine species.

Orders are given according to: Fauchald, 1977

Class Oligochaeta Grube 1850

Author: N.M. Kaljakina

Class Hirudinea Lamarck 1818, leeches

Author: A.A.Lvova

Phylum Mollusca Cuvier 1797, molluscs

Authors: A.V. Sysoev; I. Ekimova

Class Aplacophora Ihering 1876

Class Polyplacophora Blainville 1816

Class Gastropoda Cuvier 1797, gastropods

Subclass Caenogastropoda Cox, 1960

Subclass Prosobranchia Milne-Edwards 1848

Subclass Opisthobranchia Milne-Edwards 1848

Subclass Pulmonata

Class Bivalvia Linnaeus 1758, bivalves

Phylum Arthropoda Latreille 1829

Subphylum Mandibulata Snodgrass 1935

Infraphylum Crustacea Brünnich 1772, crustaceans

Class Branchiopoda Latreille 1817, branchiopods

Subclass Phyllopoda Preuss 1951

Superorder Cladocera Latreille 1839

Author: M. Ya. Orlova-Benkovskaya

All species, if not specified otherwise, are fresh-water

Class Maxillopoda Dahl 1956, maxillopodans

Subclass Thecostraca Gruvel 1905

Author: G.A. Kolbasov

*Infraclass Facetotecta Grygier 1985

Infraclass Cirripedia Burmeister 1834

Superorder Rhizocephala Müller 1862

Superorder Thoracica Darwin 1854

Subclass Tantulocarida Boxshall et Lincoln 1983

Author: A.V. Tchesunov

Subclass Copepoda Milne-Edwards 1840, copepods

Authors: V.N. Ivanenko, P.N. Kornev, P.V. Rybiokov, N.M. Pertsova, Е.С. Чертопруд

Class Ostracoda Latreille 1802, seed shrimps

Author: E.I. Shornikov

Subclass Myodocopa Sars 1866

Subclass Podocopa Müller 1894

Class Malacostraca Latreille 1802

Subclass Phyllocarida Packard 1879

Subclass Eumalacostraca Grobben 1892

Superorder Peracarida Calman 1904

Author: N.M. Pertsova

Authors: T.A. Bek, E.F. Uryupova

Author: R.K. Kudinova-Pasternak

Author: N.M. Kaljakina, E.F. Urupova

Superorder Eucarida Calman 1904

Author: N.M. Pertsova

Authors: N.M. Kaljakina, E.F. Urupova

Additions and changes: V.A. Spiridonov

Subphylum Chelicerata Heymons 1901, chelicerates

Infraphylum Atelocerata Heymons 1901

Class Hexapoda Blainville 1816

Subclass Entognatha Stummer-Traunfels 1891

Subclass Amyocerata Remington 1955

Subphylum Chelicerata Heymons 1901, chelicerates

Class Arachnida MacLeay 1821, arachnids

Author: К.Г. Михайлов

Samples by N.M. Kaljakina in storm drains on the littoral.

Subclass Acari Leach 1817

Class Pycnogonida Brunnich 1764, sea spiders, pantopoda, or pycnogonids

Authors: E.P. Turpaeva, E.V. Bogomolova

marine, free-living

There is no generally accepted classification of the existing pycnogonids in orders. The existing species are often considered as order Pantopoda, and the extinct species - as order Paleopantopoda.

Phylum Tardigrada Ramazzotti 1962, tardigrades, water bears, or moss piglets

Authors: O.A. Sorokinaа, A.V. Tchesunov

Class Heterotardigrada Marcus 1927

Class Eutardigrada Marcus 1927

Phylum Nematoda Rudolphi 1808, nematodes, or roundworms

E.D. Valter, A.V. Tchesunov

Class Enoplea Inglis 1983

Class Chromadorea Inglis 1983

Phylum Cephalorhyncha Malakhov 1980

Class Priapulida Delage et Herouard 1897, priapulid worms, penis worms

Author: A.V. Tchesunov

Class Kinorhyncha Reinhard 1881, kinorhynchs, mud dragons

Author: A.V. Tchesunov

Phylum Gastrotricha Metschnikoff 1865, gastrotrichs, hairy backs

Authors: E.I. Tretjakova, A.V. Tchesunov

Authors' own data, non-published

Phylum Rotifera Cuvier 1798, rotifers, wheel animals

Author: A.A. Lvova

Author's own data if there is no other stated reference.

Phylum Acanthocephala Rudolphi 1808, acanthocephales, thorny/spiny-headed worms

Author: L.A. Gichenok

Phylum Phoronida Hatschek 1888, phoronids

Author: E.N. Temereva

Class Phoronida

Family Phoronidae Temereva 2005

Genus Phoronis Wright 1856

  • Phoronis ovalis (Wright 1856) – marine, sub-littoral, benthic, sedentary. – Темерева, 2006.

Phylum Bryozoa Ehrenberg 1831, moss animals

For species found near the MSU WSBS, the list is compiled by Н.М. Калякина based on the list received from А.В. Кубанин in 1983, and on the book by М.Г. Гостиловская (1978). Also includes species from the White Sea samples and classifications by G.B. Zevina.

All marine, sublittoral.

Class Gymnolaemata Allman 1856

Phylum Brachiopoda Demuril 1806, brachiopods

Class Articulata Huxley 1869

Phylum Chaetognathа Leuckar 1854 - arrow worms

Class Sagittoidea Claus & Grobben 1905

Phylum Hemichordata Bateson 1885

Family Harrimaniidae Spengel 1901

Genus Saccoglossus Schimkewitsch 1892

  • Saccoglossus mereschkowskii Wagner 1885 – marine, sublittoral – Броцкая и др., 1963.

Phylum Echinodermata (Klein 1734), echinoderms

Authors: N.M. Litvinova, A.V. Smirnov

All marine, bottom-dwelling.

Class Asteroidea de Blainville 1830, starfish, or sea stars

Class Ophiuroidea Gray 1840, brittle stars

Class Echinoidea Leske 1778, sea urchins

Class Holothuroidea de Blainville 1834, sea cucumbers

Phylum Chordata Bateson 1885 - chordates

Subphylum Tunicata Lamarck 1816 - tunicates or urochordates

Class Ascidiacea - ascidians or sea squirts

Class Appendicularia Brown 1862

Author: N.M. Pertzova

All marine, planktonic

Subphylum Vertebrata Cuvier 1812, vertebrates

'Lampreys and fishes'

Author: V.V. Mahotin

Class Petromyzones, lampreys

Class Elasmobranchii

Class Osteichthyes, bony fish

Class Amphibia Linnaeus 1758, amphibians

Author: V.N.Kalyakin

Class Reptilia Linnaeus 1758, reptiles

Author: V.N.Kalyakin

Class Aves, birds

Authors: V.N. Kalyakin, M.V. Kalyakin, I.N. Panov

Including data of I.N. Panov (Bird Ringing Centre of Russia), and unpublished data by V.I. Voronetsky, G.S.Eremkin, P.V. Kvartalnov, V.V. Kontorschikov, E.Yu. Zamesov and publications by: Bianki & Flerov (1960, in Russian), Bianki et al. (1993, in Russian), Blagosklonov (1960, in Russian) and Kohanov (1999, in Russian), as well as 2001-2013 data of Bird ringing station in Chernaya Rechka village 2001-2013.

Chernaya Rechka village where Bird ringing station is situated 3 km apart from the main area covered by the Catalogue. In spite of the Ringing station formally is situated away from the main area the habitats are similar. Both sites are surrounded by the same woodland. The difference is that the main area lacks river, as well as river mouth, tere are no pastures, gardens and clearenses covered with bushes near Biological station, so the number of species connected with anthropogenically transformed areas is significantly less. These differences were considered when the lists were combined, and data on the species included to the Catalogue only from the Ringing station list are specially noted. If there are no special notes we consider the species status same.

Class Mammalia Linnaeus 1758, mammals

Author: V.N. Kalyakin

rus: Metazoa