Class Coniferae vel Pinopsida

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Order Pinales – Coniferales

Family Pinaceae Lindl. – the pine family

Genus Picea Dietr. – Spruce

  • Picea abies (L.) Karst. s. l. – Norway Spruce. Tree. Grows in admixture with pine and birch forests, rarely forms little spruce forests, particularly along brooks. Sometimes grows also in bogs.

P. abies s.l. common is divided into two independent species (or subspecies), the eastern and northern P. obovata Ledeb. and the western P. abies s.str. In a wide band of contact between these species, introgressive hybridization is observed. On the Kindo peninsula, more or less typical P. obovata and forms of a hybrid nature [P. fennica (Regel) Kom.] are found, and typical P. abies s.str. is absent. Genus Pinus L. – Pine

  • Pinus sylvestris L. (P. friesiana Wichura; P. lapponica Mayr) – Scots Pine. Tree. Forms forests, is also common on bogs and rocks.

Order Taxodiales

Family Cupressaceae Bartl. – the cypress family

Genus Juniperus L. - junipers

  • Juniperus communis L. s. l. – Common Juniper. Bush., often (particularly on coastal rocks) humifuse. Forms the underbush in forests, grows also on грядово-мочажинных bogs, on rocks and upland meadows.

From J. communis common, a separate species J. sibirica Burgsd is allocated. On the Kindo peninsula, there are J. communis, J. sibirica and transitional forms between them. Autonomy of J. sibirica is not recognized by all authors; perhaps, this taxon should be regarded as a subspecies.

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