Lichenes: Families with incertae sedis

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Family Umbilicariaceae Chevall.

Genus Umbilicaria Hoffm.

  • Umbilicaria arctica (Ach.) Nyl. – on stones and rocks (own data).
  • Umbilicaria cylindrica (L.) Delise ex Duby – on rocks (own data).
  • Umbilicaria deusta (L.) Baumg. – on rocks, boulders (Пийн, 1967; own data).
  • Umbilicaria hyperborea (Ach.) Hoffm. – on rocks (Пийн, 1967; own data).
  • Umbilicaria proboscidea (L.) Schrad. – on rocks (Пийн, 1967; own data).
  • Umbilicaria torrefacta (Lighth.) Schrad. – on rocks (Пийн, 1967; own data).
  • Umbilicaria vellea (L.) Hoffm. – on sheer rocks in shady places (own data).

Family Baeomycetaceae Dumont.

Genus Baeomyces Pers.

  • Baeomyces carneus Flk. – on rocks (Пийн, 1967: Baeomyces fuscorufescens Vain.).
  • Baeomyces rufus (Huds.) Rebent. – on a thin layer of soil on top of bedrock outcrops; rare (Пийн, 1967; own data).

Family Coniocybaceae Rchb.

Genus Chaenotheca (Th. Fr.) Th. Fr.

  • Chaenotheca ferruginea (Turner ex Sm.) Migula – on primary soil in the shading (data by И. Жданов).

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