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The list covers the flora of the Kindo peninsula (to the east of the Ershovskie lakes and the Ermolinskaya Inlet) and is compiled on the basis of four papers (Вехов, Богданова, 1971; Соколов, Филин, 1996, 1998; Виталь, 1999), with minimal clarifications. The lists also includes some species reported in the vicinity of the peninsula, their names are not highlighted in bold. The list does not include the plants, grown at the WSBS settlement, but not found in the nature.

Some specimens were kindly identified or confirmed by:

  • Ю. Е. Алексеев (Carex, Sparganium),
  • В. Д. Бочкин (Beta),
  • К. П. Глазунова (Alchemilla gibberulosa),
  • В. С. Новиков (Carex, Juncaceae),
  • А. Н. Сенников (Hieracium),
  • А. К. Скворцов (Salix, Betula, Plantago cornutii, Epilobium etc.),
  • А. П. Сухоруков (Atriplex),
  • В. Н. Тихомиров (Alchemilla),
  • Н. Н. Цвелев (some grasses, buttercups, and Compositae),
  • Р. Н. Шляков (Hieracium),
  • О. В. Юрцева (Polygonum).

We are also grateful to А. Д. Виталь, С. Р. Майоров, А. А. Нотов, and А. Ю. Сафонова for very helpful discussions.

Divisions, classes, orders, and families are arranged according to the classification system, described in the Volume 4 of the textbook on Botany (by А.К. Тимонин, Д.Д. Соколов, А.Б. Шипунов) printed by the publishing house «Академия». Genera within families and species within genera are listed in alphabetical order.

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