Order Entomophthorales

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Family Ancylistaceae J. Schröt.

Genus Ancylistes Pfitzer

  • Ancylistes closterii Pfitzer – freshwater; parasite on Closterium; rare (Кузнецов, 2003).
  • Ancylistes netrii Couch – freshwater; parasite on Cylindrocystis, Netrium; common (Кузнецов, 2003).

Genus Conidiobolus Bref.

  • Conidiobolus coronatus (Costantin) Batko – freshwater pool; saprotroph on dead mosquitoes; sporadic (Кузнецов, 2003).
  • Conidiobolus utriculosus Bref. – coastal; parasite on Basidiomycota; rare (Кузнецов, 2003).

Family Entomophthoraceae Nowak.

Genus Entomophthora Fresen.

  • Entomophthora culicis (A. Braun) Fresen. – freshwater, boggy pools; parasite on mosquito larvae and chrysalises; rare (Кузнецов, 2003).
  • Entomophthora muscae (Cohn) Fresen. – coastal; parasite on housefly; common, everywhere (Кузнецов, 2003).
  • Entomophthora sphaerosperma Fresen. – coastal, freshwater; parasite on caterpillars, mosquitoes; sporadic (Кузнецов, 2003).

Genus Strongwellsea Batko & Weiser

  • Strongwellsea castrans A. Batko & Weiser – coastal; parasite on little flies; sporadic (Кузнецов, 2003).

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