Order Hoplonemertea Hubrecht 1879

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Family Amphiporidae McIntosh 1873/74

Genus Amphiporus Ehrenberg 1831

  • Amphiporus lactifloreus (Johnston 1828) – marine, littoral, dominant, (motile) – own data

Genus Gurjanovella Ushakov 1926

  • Gurjanovella littoralis Ushakov 1926 – marine, sublittoral, common, (motile) - own data Significant similarity of the appearance  with the description of  Cyanophtalma cordiceps (Jensen 1878), as well as molecular identity of the samples (Thollesson, personal message) indicates that this species might be a a junior synonym of C. cordiceps (Jensen 1878).

Family Tetrastemmatidae Hubrecht 1879

Genus Tetrastemma Ehrenberg 1828

  • Tetrastemma candidum (Müller 1774) – marine, littoral, dominant, (motile) - Маслакова, Малахов, 1999.

rus:Отряд Hoplonemertea Hubrecht 1879