Order Mastogloiales

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Family Mastogloiaceae Mereschkowsky

Genus Aneumastus D. G. Mann & A. J. Stickle

  • Aneumastus tusculus (Ehrenberg) D. G. Mann & A. J. Stickle – marine, littoral, diluted areas; benthic, periphyton; sporadic (Бондарчук, 1970: as Navicula tuscula Ehrenberg). Freshwater; periphyton (Dressler, 2003).

Genus Mastogloia Thwaites ex W. Smith

  • Mastogloia elliptica (C. Agardh) Cleve – marine, littoral; benthic, periphyton; often everywhere (Бондарчук, 1970). Littoral of the Rugozerskaya Bay, diluted areas; silty soil; benthic; dominant (Бондарчук, 1980а).
  • Mastogloia exigua F. W. Lewis – marine, littoral; benthic, periphyton; often, everywhere (Бондарчук, 1970; in addition: M. exigua var. rostellata Cleve-Euler – together with type variation, less often).
  • Mastogloia pumila (Cleve & J. Möller) Cleve – marine, littoral; benthic, periphyton; rare (Бондарчук, 1970).
  • Mastogloia smithii Thwaites – marine, littoral, sublittoral; benthic, periphyton; often (Бондарчук, 1970). Freshwater; periphyton (Dressler, 2003: M. smithii and M. smithii var. lacustris Grunow).

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