Order Mischococcales

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Family Botrydiopsidaceae

Genus Botrydiopsis Borzi

  • Botrydiopsis arhiza Borzi – freshwater supralittoral pool; Kislaya inlet; sporadic (own data).

Family Characiopsidaceae Pascher

Genus Characiopsis Borzi

  • Characiopsis acuta (A. Braun) Borzi – epiphyte; lakes, puddles; common (own data).
  • Characiopsis anas Pascher – on Zygnema, sporadic, freshwater supralittoral pool, Kindo peninsula,
  • Characiopsis borziana Lemmermann – on filamentous algae; Verkhneye (Upper) Lake; common (own data).
  • Characiopsis longipes (Rabenhorst) Borzi – on mosses, filamentous algae; bogs, lakes; common (own data).
  • Characiopsis pachypus Pascher – on different substrates, common, freshwater, everywhere
  • Characiopsis pyriformis Borzi – on Cladophora, sporadic, солон. supralittoral basin, Cape Kindo.
  • Characiopsis sublinearis Pascher – epiphyte; supralittoral pools; rare (own data).
  • Characiopsis subulata (A. Braun) Borzi – fouling; freshwater; rare (own data).

Family Mischoсoccaceae

Genus Mischococcus Nägeli

  • Mischococcus confervicola Nägeli – on branchlets in the water; puddle; sporadic (own data).

Family Ophiocytiaceae

Genus Ophiocytium Nägeli

  • Ophiocytium cochleare (Eichwald) A. Braun – epiphyte; boggy pools; rare (own data).
  • Ophiocytium lagerheimii Lemmermann – epiphyte; boggy pools; rare (own data).

Family Pleurochloridaceae Pascher

Genus Chloridella Pascher

  • Chloridella neglecta (Pascher & Geitler) Pascher – planktonic; freshwater supralittoral pools, basins; Ermolinskaya Inlet; rare; Verkhneye (Upper) Lake; sporadic (own data: Chloridella neglecta and Chlorobotrys neglecta Pascher & Geitler).

Genus Pleurochloris Pascher

  • Pleurochloris imitans Pascher – planktonic; puddle on the лужа on the WSBS power line swath; sporadic (own data).

Genus Polyedriella Pascher

  • Polyedriella irregularis Pascher – planktonic; Vodoprovodnoye (Potable water) Lake; sporadic (own data).

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