Order Mortierellales

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Family Mortierellaceae A. Fish.

Genus Mortierella Coem.

  • Mortierella alpina Peyronel – forest soil; rare (Бубнова и др., 2002; Бубнова, Великанов, 2004). Marine, littoral ground (Bubnova, Kuznetsov, 2003). Marine, freshwater water; littoral ground; forest, meadow soil; sporadic-rare (Бубнова, 2005). Marine; on Fucus; sporadic (Киреев, Бубнова, 2006).
  • Mortierella polycephala Сoem. – freshwater pool; on dead mosquitoes; sporadic (Bubnova, Kuznetsov, 2003).

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